Thank you to everyone who joined us at the Farm to Table dinner at Wright-Locke Farm on a gorgeous and fun evening in Winchester last weekend. The gathering really captured Caitlin's spirit!

CLICK HERE to see more pictures from the event!


Mission Statement

The Caitlin Clavette Memorial Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to doing good things. At the broadest level, the Foundation advances human well-being and animal well-being. We work for children, adolescents and young adults through projects that teach about how to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Activities focus on many aspects of health, including events and clinics on exercise, nutrition, triathlon and other multi-sports. We promote creativity and artistic development and provide scholarships for promising young art students. We organize campaigns to teach everyone to respect, care for, and love animals, whether they are our pets, domestic animals or wild creatures. We bring to all of our activities the spirit of kindness, fun and good humor that we knew in our inspiration and role model in this work, Caitlin Clavette, who personified everything for which our Foundation stands. Please join us so that we can make our world just a bit better than it would be otherwise.




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