The Caitlin Clavette Memorial Foundation


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Our vision is a community where all people live healthy lives, appreciate and preserve the arts, respect and protect all living things and live with passion.

About Caitlin:

Artist – Art Teacher – Athlete – Animal Advocate

Caitlin Clavette completed her formal art education at Tufts University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in conjunction with the Museum School at the Museum of Fine Arts.  However, Caitlin’s art education never stopped.  She continually challenged herself to grow in her craft, from visiting museums to incorporating technology.  Caitlin researched, designed and executed extraordinary art lessons for the students she loved.

Caitlin’s love for art grew while she attended Vinson Owen Elementary School.  She honed her skills and developed her personal style.  She presented her work at the Winchester Art Show and continued to grow artistically at the McCall Middle School.  When Caitlin moved on to Winchester High School her love for art followed her.  Caitlin, while pursuing her studies, developing her talent and taking Honors Art classes, participated in student government and became a star athlete in three Varsity sports, soccer, lacrosse and track.

After graduation in 1999, Caitlin continued to explore her keen interest for art at the College of William and Mary.  After completing her graduate work at Tufts, Caitlin became a teacher and strongly believed in the importance of the arts in education.

Being the person that she was, Caitlin always gave back to family, friends, her community, her art students and the environment.  Caitlin advocated for the humane treatment of animals and volunteered at the MSPCA.

Caitlin participated in marathons, triathlons and was an avid cyclist.

Caitlin lived with passion and taught us all to look at life through the eyes of an artist and see the good and the beautiful in all things.

After reflecting on this very brief snapshot of Caitlin’s passion for life and art, please tell us in 100 words or less (typed and double spaced) how your own vision for your future embodies the above vision statement of the Caitlin Clavette Memorial Foundation.


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